Marquita Bradshaw, Activist and Organizer

“I want to make sure that working people have a voice in the Senate.”

Marquita Bradshaw

Marquita Bradshaw is an environmental activist, community organizer, and the Democratic candidate for Senate. She is a single mother and native of South Memphis. She grew up living by a military superfund site that created serious health problems for her family and neighbors. When she came to speak at a Blount County really, Bradshaw shared the effect living in a community that was treated as a pollution dumping ground had on her. She spoke about how poor and marginalized areas are treated as less important because it is convenient. The lack of advocacy for vulnerable communities and her personal experiences were what drove her to environmental activism. Bradshaw has spent years as a volunteer, organizer, and board member, advocating for her fellow Tennesseans. Environmental justice is at the heart of all her policies. Ensuring that regardless of finances, Tennesseans will be healthy, educated, and safe is her top priority. Bradshaw wants to support families by making sure that public schools have the funding they need for all students to succeed and that families don’t have to worry about exorbitant medical expenses. She wants to help workers by creating jobs in green energy and increasing the minimum wage. Her lived experience and years of advocacy work will make Bradshaw a voice for the working-class people of Tennessee in the Senate. If she defeats her opponent, Bill Hagerty, Marquita Bradshaw will be the third black woman ever in the Senate and the first black woman ever elected to statewide office in Tennessee.

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