Our Values

Stewardship: The Tennessee Democrats’ Creed

We Democrats believe that we exist not merely as individual “owners” of those things we possess, but also as stewards on behalf of those in need and those who will follow us.

We will be faithful stewards of our children’s education and we will promote quality job training for all citizens seeking the skills to thrive in a technologically and intellectually challenging world;

We will be faithful stewards of our economy by supporting sound fiscal and energy policies that will create opportunities for all citizens now and in the future;

We will be faithful stewards of our natural resources by pursuing sustainable environmental policies and by leaving this planet in a better condition than we found it so future generations may enjoy its beauty;

We will be faithful stewards of our health and well being by promoting policies that will create access to affordable health care, and by supporting research to improve health conditions and fight diseases;

We will be faithful stewards of our communities by supporting efforts to control crime and promoting policies that will encourage better planning to ensure a rich quality of life;

We will be faithful stewards of our democracy, by honoring those who have sacrificed to safeguard it, and by defending it against all who would threaten it;

And we will be faithful stewards of our freedoms of equality, religion and expression so that men and women of all races and faiths can live, follow their beliefs, and express their views without fear of discrimination or reprisal.

We, as Democrats, understand and accept our responsibilities to our fellow Tennesseans. We follow the scriptural and cultural admonitions that call on us to care for the least among us, and to prepare for that which is to come. We look to the future while living our lives and remembering our past, and we gratefully accept our role as stewards of God’s creations.

Source:The Tennessee Democratic Party