Make A Plan to Vote

Make a Plan to VOTE!

FIRST STEP: Check your registration at 
Are you registered to vote and is your information current?   The last day to register to vote in the November election is  October 5, 2020.

Then decide:

HOW are you going to vote?
WHERE are you going to vote?
WHEN are you going to vote?

Are you going to Vote by Mail(Absentee), Early Vote or Vote on Election Day (Nov 3)  

If Vote-by Mail, are you eligible to vote absentee?

Note: October 27, 2020 is the last day the Blount County Election Commission can receive your Absentee by-Mail Ballot Request, in order to get the ballot to you but then you have mail it back in by Election Day, November 3. So don’t wait until the end of October to request an absentee ballot. That’s too late to get the ballot back in time. You cannot hand in your vote in person. It must be mailed to the Blount County Election Office by USPS, FedEx, or UPS. If you request an absentee ballot and then do not use it, you can only vote on a provisional ballot on election day.


Early Voting:   October 14 – 29, 2020

Know where and when you can Early Vote
You can go to any of the 5 Early Voting locations.

November 3, Election Day,
is your last chance to vote in person.  There may be long lines.  Something may come up that keeps you from getting to the polls on that day. You can only vote at your assigned polling station on November 3.   You can find your polling station location on your voter registration card or by checking online

We highly recommend early voting October 14-29 – There are more options on where and when to vote.

Remember to bring your photo ID.

Your Vote Matters…….Make your Plan Today!

Also, know who you are voting for.
If you live in Blount County, here are your choices for Democratic candidates on the ballot depending on which district you live in:

TN State House District 8 – Jay Clark
TN State House District 20 – Susan Sneed
WRITE-IN Candidate for TN Senate District 2 – Patti Young

US House District 2-  Renee Hoyos
US Senate – Marquita Bradshaw

US President / Vice President – Joe Biden / Kamala Harris