Core Values


We love Blount County.  We love this land and its people. We want to see Blount County and its people thrive, not simply survive. To that end, we firmly believe:

Diversity and Equality

  • People’s lives must be free from discrimination because of who they are or what they believe, and because when different kinds of people come together, we’re stronger.
    • Diversity, equality, and engagement are strengths to be recognized, respected, and celebrated.

Comfortable Existence / Quality of Life

  • People have a right to a clean, healthy and safe environment in which to live.
    • People have a right to essential health care that is timely, effective, and affordable.
    • Affordable and effective health care is a right of all citizens.
  • People must have the assurance that public schools will prepare their children for the workforce, technical training, or higher education. Education at all levels must be accessible and affordable.
  • People must be able to earn, at a minimum, a living wage that affords the basics for quality of life as well as to enjoy safe working conditions and pay equity. People have the right to organize, join unions, and negotiate fair living wages and working conditions.
    • Workers have the rights to organize, earn a living wage, and enjoy pay equity.


  • Elections have to be open, competitive and transparent; candidates must tell us where they stand, and everyone’s vote must
    • Citizens’ rights to vote must not be suppressed or infringed.
    • All elections must be open, competitive, and verifiable with ample opportunity for issue discussion among candidates.
  • Our government must respond to the concerns of people; there must be clear channels for people to communicate with elected officials and participate in discussions with them; and all government officials must be accountable to the people and to high ethical standards.
    • Elected officials have a duty to represent all the people and abide by the highest ethical standards.
    • Government should be effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable.


  • Our public policy works best when it’s on good terms with facts, science, and the truth.
    • Facts, truth, and science form the foundation of effective public policy.