April 4, 2021: Let’s count the ways of environmental good intentions in the American Jobs Plan

In order of appearance (as presented not even adding what would be derived benefits):

—Capping hundreds of thousands of orphan oil and gas wells and abandoned mines

—Retrofit homes and buildings for energy efficiency

—Use of more sustainable and innovative materials for infrastructure improvements, e.g., cleaner steel and cement

—Improving roads and bridges with objectives to improve air quality and limit greenhouse gas emissions along with reducing congestions

—Climate-friendly alternatives for moving people and freight

—Increase production and use of electric vehicles

—Investment in basic research like advanced pavements that recycle carbon dioxide

—Protect and, where necessary, restore nature-based infrastructure—our lands, forests, wetlands, watersheds, and coastal and ocean resources

—Investing in water efficiency

—Investing in recycling

—A more resilient grid that will not only lower energy bills but will improve air quality

—Tax credit for clean energy generation and storage

—Block grants that support clean energy and environmental justice

—Establishing an Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Stand (EECES) aimed at, in addition to financial benefits, cutting electricity pollution, incentivizing more efficient energy usage and utilizing carbon-free existing sources like nuclear and hydropower

—Moving toward 100 percent carbon-pollution free power by 2035

—Mobilize a new Civilian Climate Corps

—Modernize schools to including improved air quality/ventilation, energy-efficient systems, more green spaces

—Research in advanced energy technologies

—$35 billion investment in the full range of solutions to achieve technology breakthroughs that address the climate crisis (utility-scale energy storage, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, advanced nuclear, rare earth element separations, floating offshore wind, biofuel/bioproducts, and electric vehicles)

—More electric vehicles and charging ports

—Union jobs that leverage grit and ingenuity to address the climate crisis and build a sustainable infrastructure