Oct 8 2020: Numbing to the numbers of wildfires

Oct 8 2020: California

So, today we read that California has its first “gigafire” in modern history, i.e., one million acres (roughly size of Rhode Island). We read that wildfires are three times more common across the West since the 1970s while wildfire season is more than three months longer. Fires are so frequent and ferocious that we cannot help but feel numbed by the scale of it all. To call this a “new normal” is to diminish the horror of devastation to wild creatures, beautiful trees. To say we are “out of balance” and that forests are not as “well-managed” as they could be is to miss the point. We cannot manage our way out of this. We need a reckoning on climate change or the lament for homes and property will seem quaint in a future where some places will simply be unlivable.