Oct 1 2020 It’s National Drive Electric Week

It’s the 10th National Drive Electric Week (through Sunday).

“This Saturday! Register for this FREE Electric Vehicle event on Sat, Oct 3rd from 10-2 pm at Cumberland Mountain State Park, in Crossville, TN
There will be six to seven Electric Vehicles (EVs) available to view and a Ride & Drive.

Read more about this national event here: https://driveelectricweek.org/

A much-cited 2016 white pager (being updated, btw, this year),  “Quantifying the Societal Benefits of Electric Vehicles,” by Ingrid Malmgren, provided convincing quantifiable benefits in these areas: fuel savings, vehicle maintenance, environmental impact, health, national security, economic development, and contribution as grid resource.

Many technological evolutions move from Why to Why Not? EVs seem to have crossed that chasm and we may well soon be asking ourselves why are we not all driving EVs.