Sept 26 2020: Going going Tongass

With a mixture of junk analysis by the Forest Service, disregard for impact statements, and a blind eye for old growth markets the Trump Administration is set on rolling right into Alaska’s Tongass National Forest with plans to open up 9 million acres to logging and roads to allow energy and mineral exploration. Bye-bye roadless rule.

At 17 million acres, the Tongass is America’s largest national forest and the world’s largest remaining temperate rainforest. Pristine is not a word that this President can even begin to comprehend. But, then our system, places no value on nature until it is harvested. Talk about systematic injustice.

Still, there are human-centric reasons to preserve the Tongass. It is one of our largest carbon sinks, absorbing nearly 8 percent of the greenhouse gas pollution that the U.S. emits.

It may not make economic. According to Yale Environment360, “Today, building new roads in the Tongass would cost an estimated$200,00 to $500,000 per mile. It’s madness. Especially considering that the bottom has fallen out of the timber industry in such a huge way that one recent proposed Forest Service sale, in a portion of the forest still open to logging, didn’t receive a single bid.”

Legal fights are coming so all is not lost for the Tongass.