Sept 15 2020: Climate change accelerates wildfires and that we “know”

So convenient for the President to say science doesn’t know about global warming. We heard the twin engines of the right’s appraisal of wildfires; that science is full of theories (duh!) so doesn’t “know” and that the forests have been mismanaged, like an errant teenager who didn’t do a good enough job raking up the leaves in the yard on an October morning.

On the latter there is truth that our forests have not been managed well. That needs to be said, and is being said by the likes of the Washington Post. (

However, the scope of these fires is off the charts and that’s where our President is missing the moment.

Don’t you wish we had starting off this big discussion calling it global climate change instead of global warming. Not only do we have to contend with the natural ups and downs and unusual cold/icy events that seem to belie warming, but there is a popular idea among the climate contrarians that global dimming, simplistically due to pollution blocking the sun, is cooling the planet. Again, there is some truth to that, but as we clean up our atmosphere, the heating will accelerate. So, don’t let those dimmers dilute nor the mismanagers mangle the here and present danger of global climate change.

BTW, I rather like that Joe Biden called our President a “climate arsonist”. The description has the quality of a brutal blunt instrument, like a club, that some might better understand, while at the same time being eloquent. Throw “alarmist” at us and we are going to send over “arsonist” and maybe even “assassin,” too.