Sept 1 2020: Trump loves toxic wastewater

It’s not just coal that this Administration loves, but they have to love the toxic wastewater, too. To put it another way, who in their right minds would support pulling back regulations that limit dangerous chemicals being dumped into our water?! The specific regulation being rolled back is  Effluent Limitation Guidelines or ELG for power plants.

“With today’s rollback of clean water protections, the Trump EPA allows dirty coal-burning plants to dump more toxic substances into our rivers, lakes, and drinking reservoirs and exposes our communities to more cancer-causing pollution.  The EPA itself has estimated that at least 30 percent of all toxic water pollution from all industries comes from these plants, and the technology to prevent and treat this pollution is widely available.  The EPA is making it easier for the most polluting and worst run coal-fired plants to dump poisons into the waterways our communities depend upon.”—Frank Holleman, senior attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center.