July 9, 2020: Issues Importance Survey

We recently fielded a survey to better understand what issues among the 13 that make up the BCDP platform are most important to you.  With 78 of you responding, here’s what you told us:

Looking at the top two most important issues and grouping those that scored tightly the first segment were 1. Affordable Healthcare, 2. Voting and 3. Equality/Discrimination (tied for second) and 4. Environment. The next grouping a few points down were 5. Support for Benefits and Coverages: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, 6. Employee Rights and Benefits, 7. Education and 8. Criminal Justice Reform. Next grouping was 9. Improving Local Government Operations, 10. Infrastructure, 11. Economy and 12. Immigration.  Final segment was 13. Access to Firearms and Gun Safety. It should be noted that the last one had the most spread across importance measures and may have been interpreted differently by different people.

Looking at top responses only Voting, Equality/Discrimination and Affordable Healthcare were the top contenders.

You can read the Blount County Democratic Party Platform above on this site.