Today’s environmental gasp: perchlorate de-regulation in drinking water

Recently the Trump Administration’s EPA decided to stop regulating perchlorate, a toxic chemical compound found in rocket fuel (and other places) that contaminates water and has been linked to fetal and infant brain damage. They stated that it does not show up in drinking water and is no longer a threat. We want to know who they know that because national testing ceased in 2005. According to the Environmental Working Group’s tap water database (through 2017) perchlorate was detected in 375 water utilities serving an estimated 12.1 million people. But those records do not include smaller water systems, so the number of Americans drinking water contaminated with perchlorate is likely much higher. And, this is so like other Trump administration decisions not to impose recommended limits on toxic chemicals, such as its decision not to ban child-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos or known-carcinogen asbestos. Watch this space for more environmental gasps!

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