Democrat Jon Ossoff so close to winning Georgia’s special election

Trump weighed in with a trademark snarky Tweet on  Georgia’s 6th District special election tomorrow. Looks like even “himself” is worried and trying to put his thumb on it. This election is to fill the vacated seat of Tom Price who was confirmed as Trump’s HHS Secretary. Democrat newcomer, Jon Ossoff, has made a valiant primary run but is projected to be just short of the majority necessary to avoid a second round runoff vote.  Let’s hope that projection is off and the surge of last minute efforts and donations will put him over the majority line tomorrow.

Why should we Tennesseans be interested? Simply put,  Ossoff’s first round victory would put another Democrat in the House prior to the 2018 midterms! That is HUGE!  Republican Tom Price had been re-elected with ease time and time again from this district.  A win by Ossoff would be a major upset and a clear signal that Democrats are on the move to refute and reject the Trump/Republican agenda.  Even more importantly, issues and votes will be at stake in the interim before the midterm election. Another “go” at the ACA could very well be on the horizon and even one seat strengthens the Democratic position.

Should this race go into a runoff against the leading Republican, Karen Handel, winning the seat becomes much harder. Competing Republicans will be out of the running and all funds and efforts will be dedicated to Handel. Indications are that Trump himself will campaign and rally the troops. In this event, we can’t vote but we can and should help Ossoff finance his runoff campaign with whatever amount we can afford to contribute.  We need Jon Ossoff and every other Democrat running in these special elections in the Congress!

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  1. How’d I miss this?! Daughters are always the last to know. Excellent article! Keep writing.

    1. Touché! Thanks Becky. I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to write for BCDP.

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