Duncan ‘Town Hall for All’ Rally

Join us in calling on Rep. Jimmy Duncan to face his constituents – Kooks and all – in a town hall forum. This event is a collaborative effort of Indivisible East Tennessee, the Women’s March Coalition, the Pro-Affordable Care Act citizens and a number of community organizations.

Even though Rep. Jimmy Duncan accepted an invitation to participate in a town hall with the Tea Party in 2010, when his constituents asked for a public town hall, he refused in the most divisive and insulting manner. The congressman blasted a letter to constituents calling them “extremists, Kooks and radicals.” The congressman says he “prefers” one-on-one meetings, but he couldn’t possibly meet with the hundreds of constituents who want to be heard, now more than ever. Many of us are trying to schedule meetings with him to no avail. Congressmen across the country host town halls, even when tensions are high. Rep. Duncan is entering his 30th year on the federal payroll and the citizens of his district deserve to be heard, not belittled. Let him know that he doesn’t just represent constituents who agree with him. He represents us all.

Join us as we demand a Town Hall for All!

508 people interested · 186 people going