BCDP End of Summer Picnic

The BCDP is to have an “End of Summer” picnic at the Pavilion behind the Courthouse on Saturday, September 19, 1:00 – 4:00 PM. This is NEXT THIS weekend.

Get the word out! Invite your friends.

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Here are the items that kind folks promised to bring:
Cookies and Water:
Food, Facebook Flyer:
Vegetable Tray:
Ice cream and Root Beer:
Potato salad:

Here are things that need to be provided.

Fried chicken:
Baked beans:
2 bags of chips:
2 liters of diet soda:
2 liters of regular soda:
1 gallon of lemonade:
deli sandwiches:
fruit tray:

Visit our Facebook page and let us know you are coming and what you are bringing.