Iron Jawed Angels March 31, 2015

Tuesday March 31st – 6pm – Free Film Screening for Women’s History Month – Knox county health department auditorium – 140 Dameron Ave. Knoxville.
Commissioner Amy Broyles, in conjunction with the National Foundation of Women Legislators and the Alice Paul Foundation, will be hosting a free, public showing of “Iron Jawed Angels” on Tuesday, March 31st, in honor of Women’s History Month.
“Iron Jawed Angels” (, a Golden Globe winning film, starring Hilary Swank, Anjelica Huston, Margo Martindale, Adilah Barnes, and Julia Ormond, is the story of Alice Paul and the women of the Women’s Sufferage Movement as they fight for the right for themselves and for future generations to vote and to run for office. “Sacrificing their health, marriages and the limited amount of freedom they had, women were imprisoned and force fed after picketing and hunger-striking against war-time president, Woodrow Wilson; but survived to see the results of their efforts.” Tennessee played a pivotal role in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, becoming the final state needed to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which secured for women the right to vote.
According to the NFWL, “This year, the theme for Women’s History Month is “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives”. In this spirit, the National Foundation for Women Legislators is seeking to “weave” the story of Alice Paul and the fight for suffrage into the lives of young women around the country. The movie “Iron Jawed Angels” is an entertaining and important story of Alice Paul and the National Women’s Party as they march on Washington, lobby for a constitutional amendment, and picket at the gates of the White House. The courage and activism depicted in “Iron Jawed Angels” is the kind of attitude we want to inspire in young women.”
The showing of this remarkable movie will take place in the Auditorium of the Knox County Health Department, 140 Dameron Avenue in North Knoxville, beginning at 6:00 pm. It will be followed by a Q&A with a panel of experts on Women’s History and local women leaders. Everyone is invited! Complimentary popcorn and beverages will be provided.
“This is a truly outstanding movie, well-written and well-acted, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share it with the public free of charge. I’m also excited to share it with my two youngest daughters, who haven’t seen it yet.” remarked Commissioner Broyles. “I hope we’ll have a big crowd, younger and older of both genders. I’m very grateful to the Knox County Health Department, the National Foundation of Women Legislators, and the Alice Paul Foundation for making it possible. I’m also grateful to the women who have agreed to participate in the special Q&A panel afterwards. I hope you will come enjoy it with us – it is truly a remarkable story!”