Blount County Democratic Party

Welcome to the Blount County Democratic Party.  We believe everyone deserves a decent standard of living and a fair pathway to successful endeavors. We are working to make this a reality in our community in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.
Blount County Democratic Party Platform.

New Leadership

Thanks to all who attended the BCDP reorganization on August 15. The new Executive Committee is an exciting group of new faces, fresh perspectives, and an even more diverse representation of the voters of Blount County. I am looking forward to the responsibility and task of leading us through the next two years and the 2022 election cycle with an solid team of individuals!

Our focus must include monitoring and holding accountable those who are elected to our state and county-level government, arguably the levels of government that have the most impact on our daily lives.  We must speak out about attacks on public education, the need for better  teacher pay, the lack of access to healthcare , the failures of Medicaid block grants and the pervasive poverty that leaves people homeless and hungry in our communities. We must move forward with a commitment to our Democratic Platform.

I want to thank all the individuals of the Democratic Party who have spent a lifetime showing up to champion causes greater than themselves while inspiring and leading a new generation to carry the torch forward. Join us in our mission to elect more Democrats locally, support truth and justice, hold the powerful to account, and undertake the difficult work of dismantling the systems of institutionalized racism and white supremacy. We are ready to get back to work.  Are you ready? Watch for more exciting announcements in the coming days about how you can be involved

Keep Moving Forward,

J. Nathan Higdon, Chair
Blount County Democratic Party