Executive Committee

The BCDP Executive Committee is made up of one male District Representative and one female District Representative, and an alternate for each, elected from each of the 10 Blount County commission districts. In addition, the commission district with the largest Democratic vote in the most recent Tennessee gubernatorial election has an additional male and female District Representative.  District Representatives represent Democrats within their district and participate in governing the Blount County Democratic Party (for more detail about what they do see their job description).

The Executive Committee meets on the second Thursday of every month at the MLK Center in Alcoa.  The meeting is open to the public.  We welcome anyone who is interested in supporting the Democratic platform and participating in BCDP activities.

2017-2018  Executive Committee Officers

Chair: Bob Hanye
First Vice Chair:  Sarah Herron
Second Vice Chair:  Nathan Higdon
Secretary:  Marte Lawrence
Treasurer:  Mary Lynn Snyder

2017-2018  Executive Committee Members
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District District Representative Alternates
District 1 Dorothy Kincaid Lisa Misosky
 open Logan Hill
District 2 Judith Hatfield Cathy McCord
Dan McCord Jr Michael Littleton
District 3 Sue Hanye Ruth Holloway
Bob Hanye Neal Madore
District 4 Mary-Lynn Snyder Marte Lawrence
Jeff Barbra Tony Webb
Dan Dulik
District 5 Peggy Jackson Ginny West Case
Homer White J. Nathan Higdon
District 6 Linda Gentry open
Willis Grant Forrest Erickson
District 7 open open
Jimmy Long open
District 8 Kathy Puckett Sue DuBois
Robert Wilson open
District 9 Frances Bunse Angela “Becky” Jones-Johnson
Brent Dotson open
District 10 Terry Morgan open
Robert Goodwin open

Others also serving on the Executive Committee:

  • BCDP Past Chair: Ruth Holloway
  • Democratic Women’s Group Chair: Marte Lawrence
  • Maryville College Democrats Chair: Kalyn Carpenter
  • Blount County Young Democrats:  Ashley Abbott Maynard


  • Finance Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Platform Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Candidate Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Bylaws Committee